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Better SMP

On CloudyMC, we're not like every other server. From horse collection, to custom chest locking, and even amazing builds, we give a new meaning to survival multiplayer!

Great community

CloudyMC has a friendly community with both new and experienced players. The community will help you out if you’re having troubles and the staff is always ready to help you out as well!

Freedom in Creative

We don't force you to build in a small plot on Creative. You can build where ever you choose, and know that grief protection is automatic!

Vote for us!

Voting for us helps us to better our community, and keeps us alive!

The Experience

CloudyMC doesn't try to be like the rest, in fact, we try to separate ourselves as much as possible. From our abundence of freedom on Creative, to our lack of factions on Survival, we're all for creating a new and unique experience for our users!

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Some of the extra features we offer

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Do you want to show some love for our hard work? You can do that by donating to the server. In return we give you great ranks, extra permissions or ingame items. How cool is that?

Visit our buycraft to see the perks, items and features you get when you donate, and their prices. We really appriciate your help.

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The team behind CloudyMC



An amazing co-owner!



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Our servers, we're sure you'll love them!



SMP like no other! You can pvp, but only after making an enemy! Absolutely no griefing, so you know your builds are safe in our hands!



The freedom to build where ever you want, whenever you want! No plots to limit your builds, and automatic block-by-block grief protection to keep them safe! and CloudyMC Network